Motion is computed as follows:
1. Ship and sea are modeled with triangles.
2. Ship's hull has a volume and a mass which defines all the moments of inertia.
3. Intersections between triangles of the hull and triangles of the sea are computed to get the submerged surface of the hull. Result is a list of small triangles which are all submerged.
4. Pressure force is computed for all the submerged triangles of the hull.
5. Motion is given by the pressure and gravity forces combined with inertia.


Keys in SimShip:
- F1: Help
- F4 - F8: change the state of the sea
- V after F8: initiates a new sea
- D: isplays the model
- + & -: change the model (cube, box, fishing boat, test boat)
- W: water wireframe
- S: sea wireframe
- F: Forces on the ship
-T: displays the submerged triangles
- Num 4 - 6: Yaw of the ship
- Num 2 - 8: Pitch of the ship
- Num 7 - 9: Roll of the ship
- Num 5: reset yaw, pitch and roll of the ship
- C: toggle camera and mouse

Written in C# 3.5 and XNA 3.1 with Visual Studio 2008 by Edouard Halbert.

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